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Psychology for Law offers Expert Witness services in court proceedings to professionals, families and individuals.

We offer psychological assessments and provide evidence in court in an Expert Witness capacity. Additionally, we consult to our clients on how to approach a case from a psychological perspective and how this might impact on legal proceedings.


“We understand that children and families involved in legal proceedings experience anxiety and we strive to address such complex issues and emotions in a sensitive manner.”

Peter Parnes, Clinical and Educational Psychologist and Founder, Psychology 4

Psychology 4 Law services

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We provide support to children and families, facilitating relationships and conflict resolution in a legal setting.
Our expertise includes:
  • Children’s attachment
  • Psychological assessment of parenting
  • Parental Alienation
  • Capacity assessment
  • Cognitive/ Intellectual assessments (ACE clinic*)
  • Contact and residence issues

*ACE Clinic – Psychology4Law has introduced the ACE Clinic (Assessment for Cognitive Evaluation) to assist Social Care, Solicitors and Local Authority legal departments whose clients may require a cognitive or capacity assessment in Children Act proceedings.

We offer psychological support to parents and children throughout this challenging process.

Our expertise includes:

  • Breaking difficult news to children or others who might be most affected.
  • Relationship breakdown.
  • Coping with the emotional impact of a separation or divorce.
  • What to communicate about legal proceedings and to whom.
  • The nature of contact arrangements with the non-resident parent.
Approach to Separation & Divorce

A final hearing brings closure but where contact arrangements are not adhered to by one or other parent or even the child/ children, psychological support can be important.

In separation/ divorce proceedings, it is often assumed young children are those most affected, which they can be. But adult ‘children’ can have unresolved feelings about both or one of the parents too.

In our practice we aim to listen to and incorporate the wishes and feelings of extended family members e.g. grandparents.

We have experience in undertaking assessments and providing reports for the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals (SENDIST).

Our expertise includes:

  • Developmental Disorders (autism spectrum disorders)
  • Specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)
  • Adolescent and young adults’ mental health and impact upon learning.
Our psychologists are experienced in the assessments of clients including young offenders who might be facing criminal charges.

We undertake:

  • Cognitive assessment of offenders
  • Personality disorder assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • Suggestibility and compliance
  • Fitness to plead / capacity certificates
We have experience working with children and their families where there is a risk of separation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessment of individuals affected by deportation and the impact upon families.
  • Expert reports
  • Giving evidence in court as an expert witness

What people say about 4 Law:

“I had been in over 50 court hearings regarding contact with my daughter. Peter immediately understood a very complex case and the impact on my daughter. His advice was invaluable.


“I had him on a case recently and thought him really rather good.”

Leading Family Law QC