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Easy Access Appointments offer parents an easy way to chat face to face with specialists in a confidential setting. We share advice, knowledge and strategies and establish, if needed, a plan for ongoing care.

Easy Access Appointments acknowledge the mismatch between the pressure of family life and the stress of working. We work with clients to rebalance parent-child relationships.

From tantrums and toileting in youngsters, to anxiety, depression and self-harm in adolescents and young people, our clinical psychologists have considerable experience in a range of issues covering the 0 – 25 age range.

Ongoing support could be with us or elsewhere with an independent practitioner or within an NHS service.We find the right specialist for each parent within or outside of our team. This could include a supported self-referral to the NHS or to an independent clinician, including a paediatrician, psychiatrist, speech and language therapist or occupational therapist.

In the initial consultation of 50 minutes, we will explore your concerns and together decide on the most appropriate way forward. This could include: ongoing therapeutic work; sessions to implement and support strategies dependent upon your child’s developmental stage; psychometric assessment; signposting; offering a referral to a specialist or just a one-off appointment. 

To arrange an appointment, please use our online booking service. Additionally, you can call our office for more information and assistance.

We look forward to meeting you soon!